Amberone is a manifest of all encompassing female power and energy and is the embodiment of the strength, beauty, and wisdom found within all women, no matter their shape or form.

Sky Dancers collection is an offering that invites you to unlock and unleash the transformative power of divine feminine sexuality. Inspired by Dakinis, our collection evokes transformation, strength, and beauty.

A timeless testament of nature's alchemy born under the Sun, in the island of Ibiza. Each one of our piece is a promising treasure, to be worn as a healing concept.


Every WednesdayNasmaste


Las Dalias Market is a fascinating oasis of colour, peace, music and dreams in the heart of Sant Carles and a homage to Ibiza's hippy heritage.  

Every FridayWoomoon


Cova Santa is a club like no other. It lies on top of a small hill and has an open air club space and restaurant. It is the ideal canvas and playground for eathlings creatives to run free.

Every SundayStorystellers


Blending music and imagination, this performative event creates an immersive experience where the audience is the guest of honor.